Laboratory of radiospectroscopy of dielectrics

 Tarasov V.F. Head of the laboratory:
Tarasov Valery Fedorovich
Principal researcher, Dr.Sc.
tel.: +7 (843) 231 91 22

Staff of the laboratory: 
 Gavrilova T.P., Ph.D., Eremina R.M., Dr.Sc., Falin M.L. Ph.D., Fazlizhanov I.I. Ph.D., Latypov V.A., Ph.D., Mamedov D.V., Shakurov G.S., Dr.Sc., Shestakov A.V., Dr.Sc.Ulanov V.A.

Main fields of research:

Investigations of the crystal lattice dynamics and magnetic properties of single crystals and disordered systems by radiospectroscopy methods:

  • investigations of the fundamental problems in the field of condensed matter physics, including phase transitions, nonlinear properties, cooperative and critical phenomena in strongly correlated system, in classic and macroscopic quantum systems.
  • investigations of activated dielectric crystals, nanocrystals and glasses;
  • investigation of possibilities of controlling magnetic properties of multiferroics, semiconducting or ferromagnetic nanostructures by the electric field, optic and acoustic pulses;
  • search for new spin-dependent electronic effects and phenomena.