Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We invite you and your colleagues to participate
International Seminar "Phase transitions and inhomogeneous
states in oxides" - International Workshop PTISO17
Seminar will be held June 25-30, 2017 in Kazan


 Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations
Russian Academy of Sciences
Scientific Council on Condensed Matter Physics
Kazan Federal University,
Kazan Physical-Technical Institute Kazan Scientific Center RAS

The Organizing Committee

Chairman of Organizational Committee of the International Workshop:
Sigov AS, Academician, President MIREA
Tayurskii DA, professor, KFU

Deputy. Chairman of Organizing Committee of the International Workshop:
Chugueva IN, FASO
Nikitin SI, Director  of PI KFU

Scientific secretary of the International Workshop:
Yusupov RV, associate professor, KFU

Members of the organizing committee of the International Workshop:
Vahrushev SB, Malkin BZ, Tarasov VF, Flerov IN.

Program Committee:
Mamin RF (Chair), TR Volk, Malkin BZ, Tahirov LR.

Local Organizing Committee:

Kalachev AA, Nikitin SI, (Co-Chairmans of the Local Organizing Committee)
Mamin RF, Yusupov RV,

Poljakov NV, Adzhalov Yu, Gafurov MR, Baibekov EI, Zverev DG, Ziganshin SA, Klekovkina VV, Lysogorsky YV, Savostina LI, Nedopekin OV, Petrova AV, Fazlezhanov II, Shaposhnikov TS,

The scientific program of the International Seminar will include invited talks (30 min.), The original message (up to 20 min.) And poster presentations in the following areas:

1. Ferroelectric phase transitions and inhomogeneous states in oxides; Domains and heterophase structure; Defects.
Relaxors; Nanoscale education; Incommensurate phases.
3. Magnetic phase transitions and inhomogeneous states in oxides; Multiferroics and magneto-electric effect.
4. Atomic force microscopy; piezo-mode, Kelvin mode and magnetic mode of AFM.

To participate in the conference should register by February 15, and to submit abstracts before March 17, 2017.

Key dates:

February 15, 2017 is the last day of registration
March 17, 2017 - last day for receipt of abstracts
April 14, 2017 - confirmation of receipt of the report
May 15, 2017 - payment of the registration fee.
June 1, 2017 - preliminary program of the workshop

Venue the International workshop:
Institute of physics of Kazan Federal University

Official languages of the International
Russian and English

Address of organizing Committee:
420000, Kazan, Kremlevskaya street 18, Kazan Federal University

Yusupov Roman V.: e-mail:, phone +79173942192
Mamin Rinat F.: e-mail:, phone +78432721254



We will be glad to see You in Kazan

Будем рады видеть Вас в Казани