Научная сессия и заседание Учёного совета

23.10.2019 9:30

Повестка дня:

1. Н.М. Сулейманов. What can we learn about lithium-ion battery materials by means of EPR" ( научный доклад)

Electron spin resonance is a sensitive spectroscopic method for investigation of local crystal structure and electronic properties of paramagnetic species in materials. Such species carrying the magnetic moments are often the case in active Li ion battery electrode materials. In this report the application of ESR method to study LiCoO2 , Li2M2(MoO4)3 (where M = Mn, Ni, Co) and Li3V2(PO4)3 as the cathode materials of Li ion batteries is presented.

2. Утверждение тем и руководителей аспирантов 1-го года
3. Разное

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