Научная сессия и заседание Учёного совета

09.10.2019 9:30

Повестка дня:

1. I.N. Chuprina, A.A. Kalachev. Generating frequency-bin qubits via spontaneous four-wave mixing in a photonic molecule.

A scheme for heralded generation of frequency-bin photonic qubits via spontaneous four-wave mixing in a system of coupled microring resonators (photonic molecule) is developed so that the qubit state is fully controlled by the frequency amplitude of the pump field. It is shown that coupling parameters of the photonic molecule can be optimized to provide generation of nearly pure heralded photons. The heralded qubit state does not depend on the microring resonator mode frequency, thereby allowing to take advantage of frequency multiplexing for improving efficiency of quantum information processing.
(arXiv:1905.10571, accepted for publication in PRA)

2. Обсуждение порядка распределения надбавок научным сотрудникам

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