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02.10.2019 9:30

Повестка дня:

1. Incoherent photon echo in 7Li Y F4 :167Er3+V. N. Lisin, A. M. Shegeda, V. V. Samartsev, S. L. Korableva

Abstract. The effect of incoherent photon echo is studied experimentally and theoretically in 7LiYF4 :167Er3+ crystal (4F9/2 →4 I15/2 transition), which is considered as promising material for Raman optical quantum memory due to extremely narrow optical transitions. Oscillations of the photon echo intensity vs external static magnetic field are observed. The theory shows that the oscillation period is very sensitive to one of the parameters of the spin Hamiltonian in the excited state, thereby making incoherent photon echo convenient for spectroscopic measurements.

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