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18.09.2019 9:30
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1. Yuri E. Kandrashkin , Andrey A. Sukhanov, Violeta K. Voronkova, and Jianzhang Zhao, EPR study of the photoexcited orthogonal bodipy dyads

The results of the TREPR study of two orthogonal Bodipy dyads are presented. The observed electron spin polarization (ESP) has been explained on the basis of the SOCT-ISC mechanism when the recombination of the photoinduced CT state populates both triplets, Th and Tv , localized in two subunits, respectively. Due to the difference of the mutual orientations the Th state has dominant Z-population in the molecular frame and the Tv state has dominant X-population. Therefore, TREPR measurements can differentiate the properties of the subunits. The experimental data show that the lowest triplet state in both dyads is localized in the v-subunit although the barrier between two triplets is very small in the case of the complex BB-3.

2. Выдвижение кандидатур для участия в конкурсе на гранты Президента РФ для МК

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